3 Amazing Tips to Choose the Perfect Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is definitely among the few spaces of your home that are not difficult to decorate. Pick out a few pretty towels, hang up a beautiful shower curtain, and just like that you are done! Talking about shower curtains, most people know that they are an important household item that is used in their bathrooms because of the dual purpose they serve- aesthetics and functionality. What some of you may not be aware of is that it is actually quite easy to mess up. Maybe yours has too many frills or is full of annoying patterns. That is exactly why when you are buying online shower curtains, attention to detail is a must!

Wondering what to look for before adding that piece to the cart? How about taking a peek behind the curtain to avoid common slip-ups? Read the following tips and thank us later:

Say no to plastic- Many don’t even think twice before purchasing a plastic shower curtain as it comes cheap and is easier to clean. Some also prefer plastic because they won’t feel bad about throwing it out given it doesn’t cost them much. But here is the thing, plastic curtains look really tacky. Switch them with fabric. That will last longer and look classier.

Don’t forget the texture- We aren’t talking about adding ruffles but asking you to consider tastefully done embroidery or a simple ribbon so your curtain looks good different. A light fringe at the bottom will instantly add some playful sophistication to your shower curtain. Also, always ensure your curtain is machine washable. Some custom shower curtains may not be.

Don’t obsess about size- It is important to know the length and breadth of the shower curtain you need and buying something that isn’t wide enough or is way too short is not an option. This doesn’t mean that you tie yourself to a particular size. If your bathroom has a stall shower that is not glass-enclosed, you may consider ignoring the width of the curtain. Be wise in choosing the pattern and the design will be displayed nicely.

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