3 Tips to Pick Out the Color of Your Curtains

When picking out window or door curtains for your home, you have a plethora of options to choose from, which makes it tricky to narrow down your search. The color of the curtains is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that you need to think about. Picking out the color is also a great way to trim down your options because it allows you to consider various other factors that determine the decor and theme of a room, including the color of the walls, the decor items, the furnishings and so on. Here are a few tips to choose the right color curtains:

  • 1. Use the accent colors as inspiration
  • If you want your curtains to tie the look of the room together, you need to pick a color that matches the accent colors in the space. It could be an accent color from your furnishings, walls or an area rug. But make sure you pull the color out from a permanent piece of furnishing or decor so that the curtains do not look out of place if that piece is taken out of the room.

  • 2. Pick colors that complement the color of the walls
  • Complementary colors are those colors that sit on opposite sides of a color wheel. This is a simple strategy to choose your curtain colors, especially if you have neutral-colored walls. But you don’t, then you can end up with a striking contrast, like with orange and violet. To avoid that, you can temper the contrast by picking out a pattern that contains a neutral along with the complement of the wall color. 

  • 3. Keep it entirely neutral
  • When you have used bright colors on your wall or are looking for a minimalist touch in the space, neutral-colored curtains are the best choice. They tone down the look of the room while also adding an element of visual interest. Colors like white and beige work well in such cases.

    When you choose curtains in the right color, they can instantly add to the beauty and elegance of the room. Want to buy door curtains online? Check out our selection of curtains at All American Decor for sheer curtains, jacquard curtains, blackout curtains, embroidered curtains and more.