4 Tips For Caring For Your Non-Stick Cookware

Between sugar cookies and sauteed spinach, a lot of action is seen by your cookware! So, it becomes vital that you clean them properly and keep the basic care and maintenance tips in mind. After all, when you buy pots and pans online, you want them to last for a good number of years. Non-stick cookware is a favorite of most of us. It is lightweight, easy to wash, and requires less oil to cook. In short, it is a lifesaver! Let’s look at how you can extend the life of your non-stick pots and pans!

  1. Avoid using metal utensils. 

You bought non-stick pots and pans for sale online, and the covering mentioned that it is safe to use metal utensils in the cookware, but all metal utensils are not made the same. Some have sharp or rough edges that can easily damage your non-stick cookware. Always use heat-resistant silicone utensils, spatulas, and spoons or wooden spoons. The life of your pots and pans will be extended tremendously! Even a small scratch can cause the food to stick; that is how the coating starts to peel. 

  1. Low to moderate heat is sufficient.

Use only low to moderate heat when cooking in non-stick cookware. Most coatings are not meant for high heat, not even when you begin cooking. Some ceramic-based non-stick pots and pans can take a certain amount of heat, for example, when you are searing meat, but you should refrain from using high heat for prolonged periods. To know if the heat is too much, see if the butter is burning. If yes, you need to lower the temperature.  

  1. Do use a little oil. 

Even if it says that a pan does not need greasing, it is a good idea to use a little oil, butter, or margarine to ensure that the food does not stick at the start. Even small food residue can affect the coating. Also, cooking oil sprays are not meant for non-stick cookware. The additives used in them are too harsh for the coatings. 

  1. Always hand wash.

Dishwashing detergents are not suitable for the coatings of your non-stick cookware. Hand washing them is the best. Soak them in hot soapy water and rinse well before drying and storing. Washing non-stick cookware is easy and needs minimal scrubbing. Use a sponge or gentle plastic scrub to wash the pots and pans. Avoid scrubbers that come with built-in harsh detergents.  

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