Get Your Kids Excited For Bath Time with These 3 Fun Bathroom Design Ideas

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to take a bath? Maybe it is the bare and boring bathroom that is sullying their enthusiasm. How about you give the space a fun makeover?

Designing a bathroom can be quite a challenging task, and your kids’ bathroom is no different. In one small space, you need to take care of a lot of details and work out colors and textures so that the space looks beautiful and well-styled but not too overwhelming. But it also offers the perfect opportunity for you to be fun and creative.

Here are a few tips to create the perfect bathroom that will surely be a hit with your little ones:

1. Decide on a theme
Having a theme can make the bathroom more appealing for your kids and get them excited to use it. You can choose a theme that matches their interests and incorporate it on the walls and even into the accessories such as the shower curtain and bath mat. For instance, for Marvel fans, you can now buy Marvel bathroom accessories online.

2. Pick a playful color palette
Even if it doesn’t have a specific theme, you can still transform the bathroom into a bright, lively place by picking out a playful color palette. Colors such as blue, pink, and yellow work perfectly for kids’ bathrooms. You can mix things up by using different shades of the same hue for the walls, cabinets, and other elements in the space.

3. Add kid-friendly storage
Do not forget that even your kids’ bathroom needs a lot of storage, whether to tuck away their bottles of shampoo or to store their toys. You can add bins, shelves, and cabinets so that all their bath time essentials have a proper place to call home. But make sure that they are kid-friendly so that your little ones can enjoy a sense of grown-up independence while using them.

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