Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Sheets and Blankets

Although taking proper care of your bedding goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and peaceful sleep, keeping pillows, sheets, and blankets fresh and clean may seem like a task and even downright fussy to some. We totally get how you feel! Nonetheless, if you want your sheets to look as inviting and comfortable as those hotel sheets, you need to follow a proper washing, drying, and tucking regime. Trust us, your bedding will look like a thing of desire! Just like you are mindful of the color and material when you purchase bedding sets online, always remember to check for the care label on the set before deciding if it may be safely laundered at home or needs to be sent for dry-cleaning.

If you always try to find reasons to steer clear of doing laundry, you are probably overwhelmed by the size of bedsheets but remember no good is going to come from delaying the task at hand! If you ask us, you just need a few simple tips to get you through the laundry day. So, here are some:

1. Sheets and Pillowcases

It is best to use cold or warm water to wash your sheets and pillowcases as hot water may shrink them. Stick to a non-chlorine bleach as others will break down the fibers. To minimize those wrinkles, tumble try on medium and remove just before they dry out fully but ensure that they have dried properly before folding or tucking it back on the bed. For a five star feel, iron them! Follow the routine once every week.

2. Duvets and Comforters

Most people would prefer professional laundering and that is usually recommended as well. If you plan to do it at home, steer clear of a top-loading washer that comes with an agitator. A front-loader of large capacity works just fine. Use a mild detergent and don’t empty the entire container! Adding 2-3 clean tennis balls in the dryer will give you that much-desired fluff. Frequent laundering may result in extra wear and tear. Use a cover and wash the same when required.

3. Quilts and Blankets

Most blankets are made to handle the washer and dryer. Just use a mild detergent, never use hot water, and stick to low heat in the dryer. Always have a spare as it takes quite some time for blankets to dry, especially those with thick batting. If yours has delicate appliqué opt for dry-cleaning. Once a month is an ideal cleaning frequency.

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